About IAAP

IAAP Membership

The ICEP is organized under the auspices of the Division of Environmental Psychology of the International Association for Applied Psychology (IAAP). Members of the IAAP therefore qualify for a reduced fee for participating in the ICEP. We will check that those who register for the ICEP as IAAP members are members in good standing. Before registering for ICEP 2023, you may therefore want to go to the Members page at the IAAP website and check that your details are available in the membership directory. You will need to provide your IAAP user name and password to access the membership directory.

Please note that the difference in the registration fee for IAAP members and non-members is greater than the fee for joining the IAAP. In other words, it makes economic sense to join the IAAP prior to your registration. It is easily done.

How do I join IAAP?

Please go to the IAAP official website and follow the instructions provided there. When you have completed that simple process, you should receive an email confirming you have paid for your membership. Please save that message. The conference organizers may need to ask you to forward it to them should there be a delay at the IAAP Operations Center in entering your membership details in the membership directory.