Self-guided tours

We hope that these pages may serve as inspiration for self-guided tours in the city of Aarhus. This map will show you where to find the mentioned attractions: Attractions for everyone | VisitAarhus

You will find more inspiration here: Aarhus on your own | VisitAarhus

Art museums:

Aros Aarhus Art Museum offers a large amount of exhibitions and activities all year round. In the downstairs area, you can enjoy the major special exhibitions. The upper floors house the museum's own collections of art from the 19th century up to the present day. Find out more about special exhibitions here: Program 2023 - ARoS

On top of the building, you will find your rainbow panorama where you can move around in a 150 metres long, circular panoramic path with 360º views of the surrounding city.

Access to the museum from Aros Allé only.

Opening hours 10-21 (all week in June, July and August). Entrance fees: Conference delegates will get a voucher for the museum. Ordinary entrance fees and more information here:

The Museum of Ancient Art (close to the Vandrehal, Aarhus University) was founded by Professor P. J. Riis in 1949 as a study collection for the Department of Classical Archaeology at the University of Aarhus. The core of the collection was 500 representative finds from the classical cultures of the Mediterranean countries. Opening hours Sunday – Thursday 12-16. Free admission.

More information to be found here: The museum (

History museums:

Den Gamle By – The Old Town museum – is a unique attraction and awarded three stars in the Michelin Travel Guide.

Den Gamle By is a museum of living history. From April to December history comes alive in Den Gamle By and you can meet people dressed, working and behaving just like they did in the old days. They are cooking food, chopping wood, sewing and needling, or attending to customers in the shops.

Go for a ride in the horse-drawn carriage, or make a good bargain in the period shops. Have a pint in the beer cellar and enjoy a cup of coffee with cake in the tea garden.

In the Festival square, the whole family can race on stilts, play skittles, or have fun on the swing boats and on the merry-go-round.

More information here: Den Gamle By - Den Gamle By

Opening hours April 1 – October 22: 10.00 AM – 5.00 PM (selected period, open all year). Entrance fees Adults €27; Children €0; Students €14; Groups €21. You can buy tickets online here: Den Gamle By - Buy tickets

Moesgaard Museum is a museum where the past is brought to life. The exhibitions are based on the latest research and technology and aim at giving you an insight into prehistory and anthropology in an entertaining and surprising way. A museum experience for everyone as it appeals to visitors of all ages.

At Moesgaard Museum, prehistory is presented innovatively in a breathtaking architectural setting. The people in the exhibits will step forward and provide the visitors with a better understanding of the past and how we arrived at where we are in the present.

Moesgaard Museum has three Michelin stars in the Michelin attraction's guide. More information here: Moesgaard Museum | Unique exhibits - Beautiful architecture

Opening hours (week 25):  June 19 Closed; June 20 10.00-17.00; June 21 10.00-21.00; June 22-23 10.00-17.00; June 24 10.00-21.00; June 25 10.00-19.00. Entrance fees: Children (0-17 years) free entry; Adults (+18 years) DKK 180; Students (with student ID) DKK 110; Groups >20 DKK 160.

Science museums:

The Natural History Museum tells the story of biodiversity, evolution, and nature in Denmark. Through their exhibitions, you will be able to see nature from a whole other perspective.

Opening hours: 10 am – 4 pm every day of the week. Entrance feesFree admission for children 0-17 years; Adults DKK 100 (€14); Students (with a valid student card): DKK 60 (€9); Groups (minimum 10 persons): DKK 85 (€14).

More information here: Naturhistorisk Museum

The Steno Museum is a culture-historical museum situated in the Aarhus University Campus. The collections illustrate how medical science and natural science have developed from the early days until today.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday: 9-16; Saturday-Sunday and holidays: 11-16. Closed on Mondays. Entrance fees (museum): Adults: DKK50 (€8); children and young people u. 18 years of age: Free. The planetarium, from 6 years of age: DKK 30 (€4)

More information here: Science Museums (

The Greenhouses in the Botanical Garden – here you will explore four different climate zones, each zone featuring beautiful flowers, fascinating plants and stories of nature’s wealth and influence on our daily lives. The Greenhouses and the Botanical Garden are close to the Old City. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9-17, Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays: 10-17. Free admission.

More information here: Botanical Garden (


Aarhus Ø is the newest part of Aarhus, a neighborhood located in the harbour area near the city centre. Here, you will find unique architecture, a maritime vibe and watersport activities.

One of the most distinctive structures is the Iceberg by the Aarhus Ø waterfront. Lighthouse is another magnificent building at the very tip of the island. More information can be found here: Aarhus Ø - Aarhus East | VisitAarhus

Dokk1 is a public space that functions as a culture house, uniting public institutions like library, citizen services, and national TV. Dokk1 provides a space for communities, contemplation, learning, and play. Dokk1 is a public space that functions as a culture house, uniting public institutions like library, citizen services, and national TV. Dokk1 provides a space for communities, contemplation, learning, and play. You will find more information here: English | Dokk1

From Salling Rooftop, you can experience spectacular views, try the glass sky platform - 25 meters above the pedestrianised high street 'Strøget' – and every Friday from 5:00 to 7:00 pm a music event.

Next to the rooftop, you will find Salling roofgarden where you can explore walkways, platforms, imaginative benches, art and installations - as well as the breathtaking view over Aarhus.

Opening hours: the same as the department store. Admission to the roof terrace is free.

More information: Salling ROOFTOP | VisitAarhus


Guided tours:

If you prefer guided tours, you will find some options here Search | VisitAarhus