• ICEP, International Conference on Environmental Psychology Aarhus, 20-23 June 2023

ICEP 2023 International Conference on Environmental Psychology Aarhus, Denmark, 2023

Towards an impact-oriented behavioural science and sustainable behaviour change.

Current levels of emissions and resource consumption are far beyond sustainable, leading to disastrous consequences such as loss of biodiversity, negative health effects, economic consequences, and climate change. To mitigate these negative effects, radical changes in human behaviour are required.

The ICEP Conference will take place on

20-23 June 2023
at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University, Denmark

We look forward to receiving your contributions
and to meeting you in Aarhus in June 2023!






Please note

As in previous years, please be aware that there is another 2023 conference called the International Conference on Environmental Psychology (ICEP). It is scheduled for different dates and places. That conference is organized by WASET, an organization known for hosting “predatory conferences” (search in google on “WASET scam”). We do not recommend it to anyone. The ICEP organized by WASET is not in any way connected to or endorsed by the IAAP, nor is it organized by any reputable environmental psychology group or international/European Association known to us.